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Natural Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

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People tries to get gorgeous nails , yet brittle nails could destroy the charm . Weak and brittle nails that may quickly turn into broken or even chipped are a typical trouble impacting both males and females . You will discover about three essential factors that lead to brittle nails – aging , long-term usage of nail polish as well as frequent contact with water .

Brittle nails could also be linked to a number of illnesses , just like hyperthyroidism , hypothyroidism , lung disorders , psoriasis , lichen planus , alopecia areata , eczema , anemia , fungal contamination , and also endocrine malfunctions .

Further causes consist of contact with chemical substances , regular utilization of nail polish remover , dehydration , exceedingly dry environment , healthy diseases as well as some sort of tension .

Sometimes , brittle nails may be a indication of further severe health issues just like hepatitis , jaundice , lupus or even cardiac disease .

Dry , cracking or perhaps splitting nails could cause lots of uncomfortableness . Nevertheless , it is easy to cure brittle nails with easy homemade remedies that could make your nails strong .
1 . Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a quite feeding for fragile and brittle nails . The muddy fat in coconut oil works as an excellent moisturizer . It may also reduce a variety of nail contamination . Fairly warm a few coconut oil and use it on every single nail . Massage softly and carefully for five minutes . This may develop blood flow and maintain the nails hydrated .
Follow this method two to three times every day .

An additional possibility is to mix up one-quarter mug of warm coconut oil and a small lemon juice in a food bowl . Marinate your nails in this remedy for 10 minutes before going to sleep . Dress in safety gloves overnight for optimum results .
Follow both of those treatments for many weeks until your nails turn out to be strong and healthy .
In addition to coconut oil , you can even apply olive-oil to deal with brittle nails .

2 . Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is yet another good treatment for brittle nails . It is packed with vitamins which are nourishing for your nails , like nutritional vitamins , potassium , magnesium , calcium , and iron . In addition , it includes malic acid and acetic acid which will help deal with nail illness .

Combine similar sums of naturally raw , unfiltered apple cider vinegar and water in a little bowl .
Bathe your nails in this particular solution for a couple minutes .
Just after , press down softly the cuticles .
Do that once everyday and within a few days your nails will end up much more powerful .
It will save you the remedy for the upcoming apply .

3 . Vitamin E Oil
Usually the principal factor to blame behind brittle nails is insufficient dampness . Vitamin E oil is a superb treatment to hold your nails hydrated and moist . It may also assist strengthen and feed your nails and cuticles .

Break open up a vitamin E capsule to extract the oil .
Employ the oil on your nails before bedtime .
Massage softly for five minutes to help boost blood flow to the nail.
Do that everyday for just one or two weeks to discover a general change in your nails .
For many benefits , you could also get vitamin E capsules orally .

4 . Horsetail
Horsetail made up of excessive volumes of silica , an important mineral for powerful and also healthful nails . In addition , this plant may help eliminate white spots in your nails .

Insert two teaspoons of dried horsetail plant to a cup full of hot water .
Cover up and steep for 10 minutes .
Allow it cool all the way down after which you can soak your nails inside it for around 20 minutes .
Pat dry your nails then wipe some olive oil .
Leave it on overnight , putting on safety gloves for optimum results .
Continue doing this remedy three to four times per week .
You could also take one to two cups of horsetail tea every day for added benefits .

5 . Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil can even help cure brittle nails , specifically when brought on by fungal contamination . Becoming an effective cleansing , it assists deal with contamination . It will also serve to deal with discolored nails .

Mix up one-half teaspoon of vitamin E oil and a some falls of tea tree oil .
Wipe this option on every one of your nails and massage softly for a couple minutes .
Let it sit on for 30 minutes .
Wash it off with warm water , pat dry and use a moisturizing cream .
Do that two times daily for a month .
6 . Sea Salt
Sea salt offers numerous of curing minerals which are beneficial to the nails . It can help improve brittle nails along with soften cuticles and put an awesome glow to your nails .

Mix two tablespoons of fine grain sea salts in a little food bowl of warm water .
Add two drops all of wheat germ oil and frankincense , myrrh and lemon essential oils .
Saturate your nails within this option for 10 to 15 minutes .
Cleanse it off with warm water , pat dry and utilize a hand lotion .
Follow this technique two to three times per week and immediately you will observe the outcomes .
7 . Lemon Juice
To improve and develop the condition of brittle nails , lemon juice is a fantastic choice, it helps to lighten your nails and make them appear whiter than ever .

Mix one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and three tablespoons of olive oil in a tiny bowl . Heat it in the microwave for a couple seconds , until the mixture seems heated to the touch . Rub it on your nails using a clean cotton swab before bedtime . Put on gloves and let it stay on overnight .
An additional possibility is to merge equal aspects of pure lemon juice and argan oil and soak your nails in the solution for 20 minutes .
Follow both of these cures once everyday for two to three weeks .

8 . Blackstrap Molasses
Insufficient iron in your body can make your nails poor and brittle . Blackstrap molasses is a superb source of iron . It consists of several nutrients that help your general health .

Mix one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in a cup of hot water or even milk .
Drink this just once or twice everyday for a couple weeks .
Note : This remedy is not recommended for people who are diabetic .

9 . Biotin Health supplement
Biotin is essential for powerful and nourishing nails . It might be extremely effective in dealing with splitting , slim or brittle nails .

A research done in Switzerland and posted in the journal Cutis discovered that people with brittle nails had a 25 % increased nail plate width after using 2.5 mg of biotin everyday for as much as half a year .

Take a biotin supplement daily to improve your fragile nails . Seek advice from your doctor for the right dosage .
Include things like biotin-rich meals just like egg yolks , entire grains , cereals , cauliflower , soybeans , fish , milk , lentils , and bananas in your everyday eating habits .

Extra Suggestions

Put on plastic gloves to preserve your fingers and nails from contact with water or chemical substances . When you can’t use gloves , keep your nails shorter to reduce the surface texture in which water and chemicals may be absorbed .
Rub petroleum jelly or a thick gel onto your toenails many times per day to keep moisture around and under your nails .
Stay away from utilizing nail lacquers , polishes or adhesives which have severe toxins similar to acetone or formaldehyde .
In case you have fragile and brittle nails , keep yourself away from using unnatural nails since they can cause nail fungus infection .
Avoid alcohol-based hands sanitizers since they will make your nails dehydrated .
You should not cut away the cuticles . You could drive them going back to stay away from contamination . Employ cuticle oil or cream to prevent dry skin and hangnails .
In choosing nail polish , choose reinforced polishes .
Take a rest from using nail polish sometimes to permit your nails to come in contact with natural air .
Seek for indications of fungal contaminations , to ensure the situation may be treated instantly .
Comply with a proper diet and drink sufficient water during the day to prevent dehydration .
Expose you nails to natural sunlight for some minutes every day to feed them with vitamin D .

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Natural Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

Don't forget to share it with your friends and family πŸ™‚

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